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Dickson Roses

Dickson Nurseries specialises in creating new varieties of roses, with a small quantity of bare root roses for sale in the autumn. We have agents in many countries all over the world, so if you would like to buy one of our roses, please contact your local rose grower.

Creating a rose is a very time consuming occupation. It takes several years before knowing if you have created a rose good enough or better than something already in commerce (see The Breeding Process page for more information).

We name roses for special anniversaries and for unique, personalized gifts (see Rose Naming Opportunities page for photos and more information). Prices reflect the work involved.


One free plant of Purple Moon (pictured below) worth £9.00, with every order over £50 (excluding P&P), while stocks last.

An Irish Rose for Yeats  

This year a brand new rose is making its debut in one of Ireland’s most beautiful but least known counties - Sligo. Secret Gardens of Sligo, an open-garden charity scheme on Ireland’s north west coast, has teamed up with The Yeats Society to launch this Irish-bred rose being named for the world-famous writer, WB Yeats.

2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of this Nobel Prize winning poet, and events honouring Yeats are taking place all over the world. The new rose, which is an initiative of Yeats2015, provides a wonderful opportunity to bring Yeats alive in a new way. The ‘WB Yeats’ rose will be a living, lasting horticultural legacy to one of Ireland’s literary giants – a visual celebration of him in gardens and parks, in private and public spaces far and wide .

The rose is a scarlet floribunda with bright golden stamens, the individual blooms on its multi-headed stems opening semi-flat to form a spectacular show. This disease-resistant variety has been raised by the renowned Dickson Nurseries in Co. Down, and already it has won a Gold Medal from the RNRS, and a Certificate of Merit from the Hague International Rose Trials. A limited number of plants will be available from Dickson Nurseries Ltd in Northern Ireland, mail@dickson-roses.co.uk or from Apuldram Roses, enquiries@apuldramroses.co.uk in winter 2015, before the variety goes on general release in 2016.

The new rose is being funded by public donation, the appeal coordinated by Lorely Forrester of Secret Gardens of Sligo. She has called on rose-lovers and Yeats fans alike to help make this tribute to WB Yeats a reality. To contribute towards the cost and to become a Friend of the Yeats Rose, please go to www.secretgardensofsligo.com for more details.

WB Yeats (Dicoodles)

New for 2015

£10 (see Floribunda page)

‘...Men have named beauty. Thy great leaves enfold

The ancient beards, the helms of ruby and gold...’  

WB Yeats


An Irish Rose for Yeats  @YeatsRose