Climbing & Shrub Roses

Climbing and Shrub Roses

All the roses in our online catalogue are protected under Plant Breeders Rights (PBR). A high percentage of our roses are grown under contract (outside the nursery), so the quantities available are limited.  
Orders will only be dispatched from the beginning of November 2017 to mid March 2018, as the roses are sold bare-root. 
You can pay by cheque (made payable to AC Dickson), by Paypal (which accepts any credit card) or contact the office about bank transfer details.
CHECKMATE (Diclanky) Dickson Climber rose
CHECKMATE (Diclanky) £10.00
Gold Medal Winning Climber - The Hague International Rose Trials 2012. Delicate peachy pink with a pale yellow base. Height ranges from 170 cm to 240 cm
ARCHIE MOSS (Dickumon) Dickson Shrub rose
ARCHIE MOSS (Dickumon) £9.00
Named to honour the short life of a little boy. Strong growing and healthy, long lasting shrub rose. Lovely fragrance. Measures approx. 90 cm x 90 cm.
CHERRY HINTON (Dicprolong) Shrub rose
CHERRY HINTON (Dicprolong) £10.00
NEW 2017
Beautifully formed cherry red blooms with a musky scent. 
Produces clusters of 5 - 8 blooms per truss. Approximately 110 cm x 115 cm 
PLEASE NOTE: All orders will only be dispatched from the beginning of NOVEMBER 2017 to mid MARCH 2018, as the roses are sold bare-root!
MAGNETIC EYES (Dicmimic) Dickson Shrub rose
MAGNETIC EYES (Dicmimic) £9.00
Dark red with silver reverse, introduced here due to success in Japan. Extremely healthy variety. Measure approx. 105 cm x 110 cm.
PATRICIA MAY (Dicscenic) Dickson Shrub rose
PATRICIA MAY (Dicscenic) £9.00
Named in loving memory of Pat Whitton, the beautiful salmon blooms flower throughout the summer on this strong growing plant. Approximate size 120 x 90 cm
OUR MOLLY (Dicreason) Dickson Shrub rose
OUR MOLLY (Dicreason) £9.00
A tremendous rose with bright crimson single blooms with a silver eye and orange hips in the autumn. It always sells out early! Measures approx. 90 cm x 90 cm.
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