Gold Standard Roses

Gold Standard Roses

The Gold Standard  is a trial for the trade set up by professional rose breeders represented by BARB (British Association of Rose Breeders). Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges throughout the two year period of the trial, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties. Health, floriferousness, scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors. Below are Dickson Gold Standard winners.
Lilac Wine Dickson Floribunda Rose

Lilac Wine (Dicmulti)

Quite tall but with strong and robust growth, ideally suited for cutting when the beautiful aroma can fill a room. Dark green glossy foliage complement the pale lilac flowers. 
Name inspired by the 70’s hit record by Elkie Brooks.

Mind Games Dickson Floribunda Rose

Mind Games (Dickylie)

A rose with varying patterns of cerise and ivory striping. The ivory will fade to pale pink as the blooms mature giving a fantastic display of colour. The plant has a neat, manageable habit of 58 x 60 cm and a pleasant scent with well above average disease tolerance.
Winner of a prestigious Gold Standard Award and Gold Medal at the Hague International Trials 2015.

George Best Dickson Patio Rose

George Best (Dichimanher)

Named in honour of the late, great footballer this is, quite naturally, red in colour. Borne in clusters of eight to twenty, the deep red buds gradually lighten in shade to finish as a pinkish red. The small to medium size blooms are very abundant. It is a low growing and bushy plant with dense small, mid- to dark green glossy foliage. Can be planted in large tubs as well as in the ground.  We were happy to name a rose for our much admired fellow countryman.

Rebecca Mary Dickson Floribunda Rose

Rebecca Mary (Dicjury)

The rose was named by Dr. Nick Harris to celebrate his wife Becky’s 40th birthday. 
A very prolific flowering variety, very healthy and vigorous with a height of no more than 90 cm and a spread of 84 cm.  Lovely light to mid green glossy foliage compliment the blooms perfectly and the sweet to spicy light fragrance add to the charm of this, one of the most highly rated floribundas in years.

Isn't She Lovely Dickson Hybrid Tea Rose

Isn't She Lovely (Diciluvit)

A truly appropriate name for a classic HT which has superb lasting quality. The pointed buds are creamy gold with a slight pink edge and they open to ivory with a centre showing deep tones of pink and gold. Some blooms can appear to be completely ivory. 

Light Fantastic Dickson Floribunda Rose

Light Fantastic (Dicgottago)

Masses of lemon/cream "old English" type blooms are beautifully contrasted by dense, glossy, mid-green foliage. The blooms are very full, light scented and are abundant throughout the flowering period. The plant is of medium height and has a very bushy habit. Disease resistance is excellent. 
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