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              BT23 4SS

              Northern Ireland

Phone: +0044 (0)28 91812206


Dickson Roses

Dickson Nurseries specialises in creating new varieties of roses, with a small quantity of bare root roses for sale in the autumn. We have agents in many countries all over the world, so if you would like to buy one of our roses, please contact your local rose grower.

Creating a rose is a very time consuming occupation. It takes several years before knowing if you have created a rose good enough or better than something already in commerce (see The Breeding Process page for more information).

We name roses for special anniversaries and for unique, personalized gifts (see Rose Naming Opportunities page for photos and more information). Prices reflect the work involved.

PATRICIA MAY (Dicscenic) NEW FOR 2016

Named in memory of Pat Whitten

£10 (see Floribunda)

MATCHMAKER (Dicnarrow) NEW FOR 2016

Gold medal winning rose from the RNRS

£10 (see Floribunda)

Modern Slavery Rose (Dicpowwow) featuring in the Modern Slavery Garden at Chelsea 2016.

Cream Cracker (Dicorigin) named by the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland to celebrate their bicentenary