Rose Catalogue

Danny Boy Dickson Rose

Patio Roses

Patio roses are compact bushes with tight clusters of small flowers perfect and elegantly shaped.  The small manageable size of the plant, will make them ideal for growing them in large pots or containers. 
Isn't She Lovely Dickson Rose

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea flowers are well-formed with large, high-centred buds, supported by long, straight and upright stems. Grown one flower to a long stem, they are supported by long, straight and upright stems. 
Checkmate Dickson Floribunda Rose

Climbing Roses

Climbing develop long canes well adapted to training on pillars, fences, and gazebos. Climbers can be trained to bloom more heavily by leading their canes in a horizontal direction. Loose anchoring to a support will encourage young plants to climb.
Lilac Wine Dickson Floribunda Rose

Shrub Roses

Some shrub roses stay compact and others grow tall  and vigorous, with long and far-reaching canes. Rose breeding is focusing on developing hardier shrub roses for landscaping, that need little to no maintenance.
Lilac Wine Dickson Floribunda Rose

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses are extremely popular for their beautiful clusters of flowers, and their continuous re-bloom throughout the season. As the name suggests, the roses characterized by a long blooming period and the production of large flowers often in thick clusters. 

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